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Author's rights and FanLib contests

Crossposting this from Fan Nation's forums.

Someone is researching author's rights after a contest, and they're interested in what happened to the stories that were part of FanLib's contests like KvP. Did you lose your rights to your story if you didn't make the cut? For other contests, did you retain your rights to post the story you wrote elsewhere? I'm not talking about the member contests, but the official tie-in contests, like with Weeds and Dexter.

Reason is that Britney Spears's label is running a fanfiction contest, and the rules are - to my mind anyway - pretty scary. All entries are considered "work for hire" and not only do the authors lose all rights to their stories, they also lose their rights to privacy. Someone is writing a blog entry about it, and wanted to know some details.

Please reply ASAP, either here or by email.

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Will miracles never cease?

One of the earliest places I archived my stories (besides fanfiction.net) was a little spot called fanfics.org. Compared to other sites, it seemed like a little hole-in-the-wall spot, not frequented by the big names, and seemingly abandoned by its owner, a guy from England named Philip. He used to chat with me on IM from time to time, and every time he did, he told me he was drunk... not exactly  something to inspire confidence. :S

Then, in 2005, he decided to revamp his site. He made a stab at it, coming up with a rather teeth-grating brown design. I signed up, interested to see what was going to happen. He made a few announcements about it on the old site, but it never seemed to be completed.

Then, just yesterday, I got an email from him. It was a mass generated one, not personal, but it said that the revamp was pretty much complete, and the new site would be open today. If I used the old address, it would take me to the new site. Not only that, but any stories I had on the old site could be moved to the new. Sooooo... this afternoon I checked it out.

Gone was the brown site he'd started with. In its place was a soothing bright green, with a leaf, and a cool, clear font for the logo. Nicely mature in design. The site wasn't quite finished, he said in a "story" post, but he was putting a deadline of August 26th - of this year - to complete the work. And if I wanted to move my stories, I just had to let him know and he'd do it for me.

Which I did, being the first to add a "review" to his "story" (at least, I think I was) and request that my works be moved - just the stories and not the art (yeah, this place archives fanart, too).

It'll be interesting to see what other features he has planned, and more importantly, if his commitment to the site will hold up over time. That's the main thing I've found with fan-created sites; as real life closes in, the site suffers because, let's face it, real life trumps fan-stuff every time. The same thing happened at FicWad, and Lunaescence suffered a slight bout with it this year (submissions were temporarily suspended so the owners could catch a breath from all the stupid emails they were getting - mostly from people who don't know how to read the instructions. I respect the owners at Luna immensely for warning people about it; heck, I respect them immensely anyway!)

In any case, if you're interested, check it out: fanfics.org . You might be surprised. I sure was.

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Fic recommendations

Here's a thread where you can make recommendations of stories from other FanLib alumni, and give links to those fics. Please follow the format below and add a reason why you like the story.

I'll start off:

Enemy Combatant
Author: maryilee
Fandom: Early Edition
Rating: K+
Status: Complete
Enemy Combatant
Why I liked this story: The story has a real feel to it, and answers the very plausible question: what if Gary knew about 9-11 before it happened? You can tell Maryilee has done her homework on interrogation techniques (read: torture), and the aftermath of such. Very engaging, and brings Gary full circle, though with scars and relationships to rebuild. There's a feeling at the end that the story hasn't ended, but will continue without us, and things are going to be okay.

ETA: I'm making this one public so that people outside of FanLib can see the quality of writers who called FanLib home.
The Hills are Alive

Goodbye Fanlib...A Memorial Parody

I don't know how many of you have seen this over on the ffnet forums, but I wrote a little parody of Supertramp's "Goodbye Stranger" entitled "Goodbye Fanlib." I made a video of me singing it (poorly), which will be up at some point tomorrow. Here are the lyrics. It helps to be listening to the song if you don't know it very well.
Lyrics behind the cut, because it's kind of lengthy, and I don't want to clog your flists.
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Welcome, fellow FanLibbers, to FanLib forever, our little home here on live journal!

Come in, put your feet up, set a spell (what show is that from?). As your den mother and overall overseer, I hope you find this place as much fun as FanLib's forums were!

One thing I ask: until further notice, please friends-lock your entries. FanLib wasn't, and still isn't, very popular 'round these parts and I'd like to keep the conversations close to the vest - so to speak - until we find our footing here. Get it? Good!

Hope to see a lot of familiar faces hanging out and hanging around and let's continue that wonderful pan-fandom spirit we had on the FanLib forums!

See you in the funny papers!